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How To Reduce The Cost of Commercial Building Exterior Repairs

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

I often get Commercial clients concerned that the exterior of their commercial building is beyond painting and instead requires wood replacing, which will result in larger costs, time and potential disruption to their business.

But you will be amazed at what a skilled painter and decorator can achieve with the right tools and products.

Above is the after photograph of Coversure Insurance Company, located in Weymouth, Dorset.

From the gallery below you will see the complete state of disrepair that the wood work around the window sills and exterior were in. This damage had been caused over a period of time, by passers during the evening hours.

Large sections of the wood had disintegrated and the client felt that they may need to resort to replacing sections of the window frames and office front exterior.

I put the client's mind at rest and explained that with the correct fillers, wood treatment and paint, that I could work with what was there and deliver a professional finish.

I hope you'll agree as much as the client did that I was true to my word and that the final finish on the office shop front was a professional finish and the troublesome wood was nowhere to be seen...

If you have a commercial property that is in need a face lift, get in touch for a no obligation quote. Email or call me Dan on 0789 4573139

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