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Over the years Marchant Decorating has undertaken many commercial painting and decorating projects including internal and external works for large-scale residential buildings, offices, shops and school buildings. 

 The case study of Coversure Insurance details a commercial property in serious need of decoration and repair.

The level of preparation required to bring back this ageing building was extensive. Resin fillers were used on the more significant repairs to make them strong, quick-drying and ensure they would last a long period of time. A tough flexible exterior water-based paint was used to complete the project. 


Marchant Decorating provides commercial painting and decorating services in Dorset, UK


Are you looking for a painter or decorator to revamp your offices, block of flats, commercial letting, industrial unit, school or shop?  Marchant Decorating is able to quote for all sizes of commercial projects including those that are HSE notifiable.



Using the latest technology of dustless sanders and dust extractors, Marchant Decorating achieves a professional level of preparation without dust, ensuring that your commercial property is kept virtually dust-free.


These dust-less sanding systems are an important part of our equipment, not only is there no dust, meaning a cleaner environment for you and your staff, it also prevents the breathing in of harmful dust,

Dustless Sanding Painter and Decorator Weymouth Dorchester Marchant Decorating



Airless Spraying is using a spray machine to apply paint to ceilings, walls, woodwork, panelling, and floors. 


This technique of painting achieves a higher-finish over using a brush or roller.  

Marchant Decorating trained at the Dulux Academy in Airless Spraying to achieve a professional finish.

In the right environment, Airless Spraying is much quicker and achieves a flawless finish. 

Spray Painting Painter and Decorator Weymouth Dorchester Marchant Decorating
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